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Mamie "Galore" DavisMamie "Galore" Davis Photo by Bill Johnson/The Associated Press

60's soul sister named Mamie Galore?  I have a couple of her mid 60's 45's on the St. Lawrence label.  They're really good!
One side is called "Special Agent 34-24-38" and it's twice as funky as Edwin Starr's "Agent Double-O Soul"!

Here's what Robert Pruter says about her in "Chicago Soul" (page 167):

The most typical work of [Monk] Higgins at [St. Lawrence] was the records he made with Mamie Galore. The singer was born Mamie Davis in Erwin, Mississippi, on September 24, 1940. She began singing in church and school, graduating from O'Bannon High in Greenville, Mississippi, in 1958. She joined a local band, Herman Scott and the Swinging Kings, and worked with the Ike and Tina Turner Review. From 1962 to 1965 she toured with the Little Milton Band and ended up in Chicago where Little Milton was making his home and recording.

The singer's first record for the company, "Special Agent 34-24-38," gave Mamie her new name - " 'cause  I'm special agent, double-o, 34-24-38, and I answer to the name of Mamie Galore." The record came out at the height of the spy-story craze in 1965, when James Bond movies, television shows "I Spy" and "Get Smart," and so on were capturing the  imagination of the public - and apparently the record  producers as well. There were many soul records at the time in the same vein, notably Detroit artist Edwin Starr's "Agent Double-O Soul" (1965). Hard-soul singer Jamo Thomas, who was based in Chicago at the time, got a national hit out of "I Spy (For the F.B.I.)," which was produced by Higgins and was a national hit on the Thomas label in 1966.

In March 1966, Galore got her only hit, albeit local, with "It Ain't Necessary," which was somewhat in the Motown style with strong chick chorusing and a driving beat. But Galore brought to the record a somewhat funky flavor that could only come from her Mississippi roots. In 1968 she followed Higgins to California and in 1972 returned to Mississippi, where she continued to perform.

Died Saturday, October 7, 2001 in Jackson at age 61.  Performed with Little Johnny Burton, Buddy Hicks, Little Milton  and Ike and Tina Turner Revue.    Daughter Paula Williams

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