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Michael Passons: A Biography
By Krystal Jenkins (SHS)

Michael Passons, son of Ruby Passons and the late W.A. Passons ("Avalon to present concert")  was born on October 29,1965 in Yazoo City, Mississippi (TLeM Christian Music).  As a young child, Michael attended First Baptist Church in Yazoo City.  Michael grew up in a country home.  In Brio magazine, Michael stated, " I grew up in a small town in Mississippi (Yazoo City), andAvalon, In a Different Light I wasn't really exposed to a lot of things that other kids might have experienced growing up (Brio).  As he got older he began writing music and playing the piano.  As a young musician Michael was influenced by people such as Elton John and Lionel Richie (Michael Passons).  After attending Yazoo City High School, (Jenkins, Louis) Michael attended Mississippi College in Clinton, MississippiKrystal Jenkins, SHS Researcher Here he was in a band ("Michael Passons").  This experience opened a door for a huge career for Michael.

After getting his degree in classical piano in college, he moved to Nashville and began the career God had set for him.  Michael began to travel solo and sing praise and worship at different conferences ("Michael Passons").  In 1995, Michael, Janna Potter, Jody McBrayer, and Nikki Hassman performed for the first time together at the "Farewell Young Messiah" Tour as Avalon ("Avalon").

Michael Passons singing in AvalonAs of now, Michael and Avalon are accomplishing  much.  They released their first self- titled album in 1996,  and it was a huge success.  In 1997 they released their second album, A Maze of Grace, to the public.  In in 1998, Avalon received the award for the best new artist of the year at the Dove Awards (Clarion Ledger). In March of 1999, Avalon, with a new member, Cherie Paliotta , released a new album In A Different Light.  Avalon has been a huge success and is spreading the  news of Christ to the world.



1965 - October 29:  Michael Passons was born in Yazoo City, Mississippi.
1995 - Michael sang with Avalon for the first time in the "Farewell Young Messiah" tour.
1996 - Avalon released self titled album.
1997 - Avalon released A Maze of Grace
1998 - Avalon received Best New Artist award at the Dove Awards.
1999--Avalon released In a Different Light.


Review of Avalon and A Maze of Grace
By Krystal Jenkins (SHS) Avalon

Avalon, Avalon's first album was released in 1996.  This album was the first album of theirs I had the opportunity to listen to.  I was amazed at the talent this group had.  Their voices blend together so wonderfully to create a very inspirational message.  Their second album A Maze of Grace, was even better than the first.  I have listened to this album over and over,  and I cannot get enough.  One song on this album is called "Adoni".  This is one of the best songs that I have ever heard.  Their music definitely displays a wonderful message of Christ.  I think since I have seen Michael in concert when he was a solo artist, I appreciate his talent much more. Avalon, A Maze of Grace Michael truly has a Christ-like heart and loves spreading God's word through music.


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