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The Mississippi Mass Choir is determined to serve God through song. This is the motto and the mission of the Mississippi Mass Choir. The Mississippi Mass Choir strives to succeed in the gospel music industry, but its main purpose is to help establish the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. The founding and formation of the Mississippi Mass Choir began in 1988 by Frank Williams, a member of the Jackson Southernaires and an execMississippi Mass Choirutive in the gospel music division of Malaco Records ("The Mississippi Mass Choir" 1) or Jerry Mannery, who currently serves as the choir's executive director, as well as the head of the gospel division at Malaco records. (Huey 1) Williams first got the record company's support; then he began calling on well- known talents like David R. Curry, who became the choir's musical director. 

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May 1988- Choir's first rehearsal

October 29, 1988- The choir recorded its first album and video at the Jackson Municipal Auditorium "The Mississippi Mass Choir Live." 

Frank Williams

Spring of 1989- Billboard magazine certified it as the number one Spiritual album in the country - The choir received four stellars at the Stellar Awards. - Received nominations in several categories for the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards and the Dove Awards

December 8, 1990- The Mississippi Mass Choir recorded their second live project, God Gets The Glory at the Mississippi Coliseum - I'm Yours, Lord recorded with Willie Neal Johnson won a Stellar Award

October 1991- The album debuted on the Billboard chart in the number sixteenth position.

December - The magazine had certified it as number one gospel album in the country. - Reverend James Moore-Live with the Mississippi Mass Choir was recognized by Billboard as the 1991 Album of the Year and received four Stellar Award nominations, winning the award for Best Gospel Video. 

Mississippi Mass Choir

1992- The choir received a Stellar Award for Traditional Choir of the Year and was also nominated for Album of the Year and Video of the Year. - Billboard Magazine named the choir Gospel Artists of the Year. - God Gets the Glory was named the 1992 Gospel Record of of the Year by the magazine. - The choir received the "Best Sellers Award" from the National Association of Record Merchandisers (NARM) and the Invocation Award from the 3M Corporation.

January 1993- The choir recorded their live album It Remains To Be Seen. - The album was certified as the number one gospel album in the country and maintained the number one position for eleven months. - Choir received Album of the Year- Traditional and Choir of the Year- Traditional awards at the 1993 Stellar Awards - Your Grace and Mercy received the "Song of the Year" award at the 1993 Gospel Music Workshop of AmeriMississippi Mass Choirca's Excellence Awards

March 22, 1993 - It Remains To Be Seen features the last recorded performance of the choir's founder, Frank Williams, who died on March 22, 1993 

1994 - The choir received an award at the 1994 Soul Train Music Awards for "Best Gospel Album" for this project.

1997 - The Mississippi Mass choir released another record and went on tour. 


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