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The Williams Brothers The Williams Brothers

Major Works

  • "I'm just a Nobody"
  • "Never say No"
  • "I won't let go my Faith"
  • "He'll Understand"
  • Candlelight Christmas

Book: Still Standing Tall: The Story of the Williams Brothers 


The Williams Brothers: A Biography
By Andrea Lane (SHS)

Still Standing Tall: The Story of the Williams BrothersThe Williams Brothers were born to Amanda and Leonard "Pop" Williams of Smithdale, Mississippi. The family was a large family of nine. The original Williams Brothers were founded by .Leonard "Pop" Williams, the current singers father,  in 1960.  The most recent group is comprised of  Melvin Williams, 45, Doug Williams, 40, and Henry Green, 55, plus musicians in  the group's back-up band.  In the early years, brothers Leonard and occasionally Frank were members of The Sensational Williams Brothers. Their mother said, "They would have church in the back yard and they would have broken brooms as microphones." "They recorded their first album in 1973 with the Songbird label. They have recorded 18 top songs, which include songs, like "Jesus Will Fix It,"Andrea Lane, SHS
"Jesus Will Say No", Sweep around your own front Door" just to name a few. In the month of April, 1991, they formed their own record label and called it Blackberry Records.  They were the first blacks to own their own record label in the state of Mississippi.  The Williams Brothers have three Grammy Award nominations and numerous Stellar Awards to their credit. In spite of the Williams Brothers' travels and success, the group continues to make music from its home base in Summit, Mississippi. Their first release was entitled, "This is your Night." It reached #4 on the Billboard charts. They were even nominated for a Grammy Award. Their new album entitled "Still Standing"  was released on May 13, 1997. It hit the gospel charts and their friends Shirley Caesar and Stevie Wonder are part of the recording. They've been a part of  numerous events including the Black expo, operation push, Gospel Music workshops of America, National Council of Negro Women  The Williams Brothers appeared on a number of television shows such as Soul Train, Bobby Jones Gospel, CBS News, and "A Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."  They even named a street after The Williams Heartsongs by Doug WilliamsBrothers. In addition,  Melvin Williams also has released a solo album this year called  "Never Seen Your Face" on the Blackberry label. A book by  them with Glen Allison is called Still Standing Still:  The Story of Gospel Music's Williams Brothers.



1960-Leonard "Pop" Williams founded the original group

1970-Writing and arranging their music

1973-Recorded first album

1979-Produced own music

1986-Won best performance group

1987-Best performance group 

1991-Stellar award, Blackberry Records formed

1992-Vision award

1995-Stellar award

1997-Album "Still Standing"


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